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Internet has led us into the world of globalization which means that entire world can be assumed on a single platform irrespective of geographical location or boundary, especially when we talk about business. Generally internet refers to World Wide Web (WWW) or website, and there are numerous ways through which we can be build our website and Drupal CMS is one among them.

Since several technologies are available for website development, so it becomes difficult to choose one, and situation get more out of hands, if one is unknown to these terms, so if you find yourself in such dilemma, then read further to clear your doubts.

Drupal has emerged as the most powerful web application and content management framework that is used to create various user-friendly  website such as blog site, business site, e-commerce store, corporate website, etc. It also allows developers to build a highly functional and informative website.

Some of the features that makes Drupal favorite among developers:

Free Technology: Drupal is available as a free software under the General Public License and does not charge any fees at any stage of entire website life cycle.

Webdesign Flexibility: Drupal allows  you to have your own custom theme i.e flexibility to convert your PSD to Drupal.

Drupal has Extensive API support: Drupal has vast and extensive API support on top social networking and other useful sites for maximum support.

Search Engine Friendly: Sites developed in Drupal is said to be SEO friendly because of the URL generated by in-built path-auto module, which is easily catch-able by Google.

Cross Browser Compatibility:  Websites developed in Drupal are cross browser compatible, which facilitates user to view the site in any internet browser, without any extra coding or any changes in CSS.

 Some of the features that makes Drupal favorite among website owners/administrator:

  •  It is very simple and easy to upload a new content on the website.
  • Administrator can easily control  different content posts, images, polls, forums, stories etc.
  • Drupal provides high end security for its site in-spite of easy and simple codes.
  • It provides the  flexibility to choose format as HTML, full HTML and PHP, for posting content online.
  • Availability of several themes and templates to provide solutions of your choice.

So get your site developed in Drupal at Brushart through our competent and expert professional to get maximum business out of your site at an affordable price.


In the modern times when Internet is an inseparable part of daily life of a modern day man. It would be very hard to imagine that a person would not know the importance of owning a website. But it is also a fact that not every one is a tech freak, in fact most of us just want things to be as simple as possible. That is the main reason behind the development of a Content Management System(CMS).

The use of CMS not only helps in easy management of the content of the website but also helps a website to be built quickly. Also a website built on a CMS has many advantages which includes security and search engine friendly structure.

Among various CMS options available, Joomla has made a place for itself, as it is an open source system, that means the customization codes are available free of cost, moreover the characteristics that makes Joomla different from other CMS are as follows:

  1. Joomla is the best CMS for beginners, as you don’t have to play with codes.
  2. The Joomla community is working continuously to improve regularly hence, as a result of which, a new version is launched in every six months including new tools and tricks.
  3. Websites made in Joomla are cost effective hence, is very useful for small companies and individuals.
  4. With more than 9000 components and plug-ins available, a website can be customized with any functionality of your choice.
  5. The website built with the help of Joomla, is very search engine friendly.
  6. The websites also offers cross browser compatibility, that means the look and functionality of a website will be same in any browser.

The process to get a website made with the help of Joomla can be divided into three stages:

Stage 1: In the first stage, an image is prepared in Adobe Photoshop which shows the look and feel of the website, also known as PSD(Photoshop Document).

Stage 2: In the second stage, the PSD is converted to HTML through PSD to HTML conversion.

Stage 3: In the third and final stage, also called PSD to Joomla conversion. The sliced HTML is customized and functionalities are added with the help of Joomla, which finally gives a full functional website.

For the best and affordable PSD to Joomla conversion, with pixel perfect coding and fast turn around time Brushart is a one stop and reliable source, which not only delivers you a website but also offers you round the clock support.

As mentioned in the previous post a website is a necessity of todays era of business. And it is also a fact that handling and regularly updating a website is not a cup of tea of everyone, hence earlier a professional has to be hired to keep a website updated. So, to avoid extra expense, CMS or Content Management System was introduced, whose basic motto was that a non technical person could manage his site himself. There are many CMS available, that too free of cost, as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc. So the question arises which one to choose, the answer lies in requirements of the person.

But, before getting into the CMS, one must know the exact procedure of moulding our thought to get a website of our choice. For that, first of all the design is prepared in PSD format, it is an abbreviated form of PhotoShop Document, which is a common format for any file created by adobe photoshop.

After preparing a PSD it is then converted to HTML Code using PSD to HTML Conversion. After that it is converted to a fully functional website using a preffered CMS.

One of the CMS that has made a place for itself in internet is WordPress. It is one of the most user friendly CMS that is available free of cost. Some of the reasons to convert your PSD to WordPress are as follows:

  • Managing a WordPress site does not require to learn any rocket science, it is designed in such a way so that a non technical person could handle it in an easy way.
  • With the help of number of plugins available, more number of options are available that helps in customizing a site as per our choice.
  • One of the feature of a wordpress developed site is its cross browser compatibility, which is very necessary if you want to attract a large traffic to your site.
  • One of the key benefits that converting a psd to wordpress has over other conversions as psd to joomla is that it is more SEO friendly, that means there is more chances of your site to crawl to the top of SERP’s in lesser amount of time.

Hence, opting for WordPress as a CMS for building your site can be a good option. And you can convert you PSD to WordPress at Brushart, with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

World of Internet is like another world or to be more precise a virtual world. In that world people have different identity as well as they have individual address as well i.e. their website. Like in real world a person who owns a place can make use of that in whatever way he likes, similarly in the world of internet, the domain name is the address of the website owner in the internet world. It depends on the owner how he wants to use that web space.

That is the reason why people make websites, because that is the way to attract people to visit and know about your work. So one wants that his website should be perfect. And today a website can be made very easily with the help of various CMS Solutions available, whether it be PSD to Joomla conversion or PSD to WordPress conversion.

The good thing about a CMS built website is that, one need not to study rocket science for that. Only he had to get his site customized as per his choice, and handling the content would be like a piece of cake. But this all is a very distant thing, means the important thing is the  of PSD to HTML conversion of your choice.

It is important because it is the thing that gives the feel of a website, with full functionality. Most of the companies would also promise to give you the pixel perfect conversion, but along with that there are other things also that need to be taken care of from search engine point of view. Such as:

Clean Coding: The codes that are written should be cleaned, as most of the coding is done using code writing software’s such as Dreamweaver etc. such software insert some codes that are not required, and only adds up to the size of the site, which ultimately increase the loading time and hence effect the search engine rankings.

W3C Validation: The encoded site should be W3C validated. It is a standard which checks for the codes of the site as per the search engine standard.

Other than the above two factors, the thing that should be kept in mind is to make proper use of the title tags, header tags and meta tags in the website as these are major factors which have effects in the search engine rankings.

So a site must be checked from the search engine point of view because the ultimate aim of any site is to get visited which is only possible when it is visible in the search engine result pages, which would be only possible when the coding of the site is done perfectly or according to the search engines.

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